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Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd P.O. Box 6130, Conder, 2906, ACT, AUSTRALIA (0​2) 6100 7747


So, What Actually is SavvyLevel? 


SavvyLevel is an intelligent levelling system that allows you to level your caravan, camper, motor home or 4WD by yourself, in under a minute with NO FUSS what so ever! The SavvyLevel PLUS also allows you to remotely see your battery charge at any time you want from the convenience of your car. 

SavvyLevel also shows the correctional amount required in mm, inches or degrees of each wheel - easy if your using blocks and with a ramp you know straight away whether the ramp will work and that you will not over run it! A MUST HAVE  for all RV"s. 

 SavvyLevel Hardware Device 6cm by 6cm

The small (6 by 6cm) SavvyLevel device is fitted into your caravan or other RV; you can then remotely monitor and set your level using an app (on your smart phone or tablet) wirelessly (no phone network required).

SavvyLevel also allows you to save your individual level into the SavvyLevel memory (will stay in memory even if the SavvyLevel is off) so you can level to that same particular level every time - all the time! Heads up for instance!

 SavvyLevel PLUS NOW with TRC technology

TRC technology is crucial for electronic levellers as this gives the electronic level advanced temperature stability, otherwise, without TRC - the electronic leveller would be subject to changes in temperature causing incorrect readings. TRC technology allows for overall precision enhancement - better than 0.1 of a degree in temperature ranging from a brutal -30  to a blistering 85 degrees Celsius. 

Internal or External Mounting

The SavvyLevel can be mounted either internally (hidden in a cupbard for instance) - upside down or right way up - or externally on the A frame (with our specialised IP68 rated ASA box) for ease of mounting and good signal to you in the car. 

Example of SavvyLevel in a Caravan

SavvyLevel can be discretely mounted inside a cupboard out of the way. This will then report to the level (pitch and tilt) information of your van - not the cupboard - propreity sofrware makes SavvyLevel remember the whole van in 3D space!