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What is SavvyLevel and Why Does it Replace the Old Fashioned Bubble Level?

SavvyLevel with Macca. 


Levelling: The New Way With EASE

[SavvyLevel Style]

You will  see "Macca" from What's Up Downunder in this video. He loved the SavvyLevel so much (as he spends alot of time out on the road on all sorts of RV's) that he joined the company. Macca uses SavvyLevel every day he is out on the road and in his own words "Its a ripper!"

Levelling: The Old Way

[Bubble Style]

In this video (particularly if you are new to RVing), you will note the importance of leveling your caravan, camper trailer or motorhome. The video shows the arduous process using the old "bubble" method.  SavvyLevel takes all the above stress out of leveling.