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Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd P.O. Box 6130, Conder, 2906, ACT, AUSTRALIA (0​2) 6100 7747


What is SavvyLevelRV?

SavvyLevelRV is an app that uses the SavvyLevel hardware. Specifically designed for levelling 4WD's, motorhomes and other RV's

Click Here for SavvyLevelRV User Guide for Clearer Explanation

Never has levelling your RV been so simple without the need for expensive/heavy weight hydraulic systems.

What is the SavvyLevelRV for Motorhomes? 

It's a motorhome revolution.

Finally there is a low cost, light weight yet precise & EASY alternative to level your Motorhome!​

The SavvyLevelRV solution is a fully integrated levelling system designed specifically for use with variable height block, hydraulic/electric/airbag or standard ramp levelling of your 4WD or motorhome.

How to Use SavvyLevelRV

Drive to the area that you intend to park:

1. Stop your RV and set up the block height against the wheel specified on the block level view in the SavvyLevelRV app.

2. Move your RV backwards (approximately half a meter).

3. Slide the blocks, as required, in front of the wheel stated by the SavvyLevelRV app.

4. Drive the RV forward, up the blocks, once at the top stop and confirm that you are level (with the block level view using your SavvyLevelRV app).

REMEMBER: SavvyLevelRV is an app & a hardware device.

SavvyLevelRV is a Hardware Device & an app

Inclination Mode:

When in inclination mode, double tap screen to change gauge scale from normal scale (±45° tilt) to zoomed scale (±4.5° tilt).

As the zooming feature exaggerates the tilt it is very easy to visually obtain a perfect level. Double tap again will return display back to normal operation.

Use this mode in non-zoomed to identify acceptable ground for levelling or when approximation, or ramp levelling, is desired. If ramp levelling is used,  drive until one of the axes is at an acceptable level. Following this, select X10 zoom and use two ramps to level the remaining axis by slowly driving up the ramp and observing the inclination change, in real time, on the app.

Block Levelling Mode:

With block leveling, you can park anywhere and obtain a level in one step (provided the maximum block height required is not too extreme). Just sit in the drivers seat, watching your SavvyLevelRV to find the best place to park. Turn on block levelling mode on your phone and the SavvyLevelRV system will tell you exactly what is required of each wheel to obtain "level". Remember, this level is the level you already pre set. SavvyLevelRV has a set and save memory function.

Battery Voltage Mode:

SavvyLevelRV also tells you the state of your inhouse battery at all time remotely.

Block Levelling for Motorhomes

Block levelling’ means that the block height required for a specific wheel will be presented for any wheel needing raising. The only possible raise combinations are:

  •  No raise required on any wheel – level.
  •  Raise require on two wheels – one axis level.
  •  Raise required in three wheels – both axes need raising.

The app will automatically determine which wheels need raising and by how much.

If you use hydraulic jacks set them to the height specified in mm or inches from the block level view – alternatively you may use the inclination view.

**If you have auto hydraulic leveling, use SavvyLevel and SavvyLevelRV to determine whether the hydraulic lifters have enough height to achieve level before attempting to level.

Key features:

• For use with iPhone 4 and Android v4.3.1 (JellyBean) or newer smart devices.

• Designed to be powered by your RV power supply (flexible 7 to 30 volts).

• Extremely simple to operate.

• Auto connects when device is in range.

• Data encrypted for extra security.

• Voltage reporting at the point of connection.

• Each device is 100% factory tested and calibrated.

• Includes thermal calibration and compensation resulting in superb precision of ±0.1 degree over normal operating temperatures.

• Engineered to the highest standards using only the finest materials.

• Day/Night viewing modes.

• Block levelling display that clearly indicates which wheels to lift and by how much.

• Inclinometer style gauges indicates ±45 degrees and ±4.5 degrees in zoom mode.

• X10 zoom feature (inclinometer gauge) to easily obtain a perfect level.

SavvyLevelRV - finally there is a solution to level your motorhome!

                           SavvyLevelRV is for Motorhomes


Purchase the SavvyLevelPLUS system and download the SavvyLevelRV app.

The SavvyLevelRV system comprises a:

  • six-centimeter square precision level detection Bluetooth® device, mounted inside your motorhome, that communicates with your Apple or Android smart phone/tablet. It is extremely easy to use and boasts an amazing accuracy within 0.1 degree across its operating temperature range. Once installed it only requires a simple one-time level calibration.
  • SavvyLevelRV app that is downloaded to your smart phone.

A one-time entry of two dimensions provides height correction in millimeters or inches and the ability to use variable height block leveling.

Although variable height block leveling has been around for some time, it has required a guess to decide what height to set the blocks and which wheel to place them. SavvyLevelRV ends all this guesswork by telling you EXACTLY what height to set the blocks and to which wheels the blocks need to be placed for the perfect level every time.

(Note that your "perfect" level can be the level you have preset into the SavvyLevel system - heads up perhaps, or so the water drains properly in your motorhome). Set and save memory function.

If you prefer ramps or your own custom blocking method, the SavvyLevelRV system supports this too! Never has levelling your RV been so simple without the need for expensive hydraulic systems.

The ONLY COMPLETE Motorhome Levelling Solution.

Nothing on the Market Like


Individualise SavvyLevelRV to Your Own Motorhome Dimensions for Perfect Levelling EVERY TIME!