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Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd P.O. Box 6130, Conder, 2906, ACT, AUSTRALIA (0​2) 6100 7747


Why is SavvyLevel the BEST?

Apart from the fact that it's SIMPLE To Use & it Works; SavvyLevel provides the following HUGE benefits over your current methods of levelling.

What SavvyLevel DOES that other methods DON'T!

  • SavvyLevel considers the entire caravan, camper trailer, motor home or 4WD and does not just consider the spot in which it is placed.
  • Often a spirit level or phone app is placed on the 'A' frame or inside the RV for levelling. This position will NOT indicate the level of the entire RV, as the RV does not exactly match the level of the 'A' frame or the position of where the levelling instrument is placed.
  • In other words, the SavvyLevel shows the level of the entire RV and not just the position in which it is mounted.
  • Due to SavvyLevel's extraordinary precision the image the user sees can be magnified; allowing the user to clearly visualise which wheel needs to be corrected as well as being able to watch the levelling process remotely from the driver's seat on their phone.
  • It is SO EASY to level an RV to your personalised level every time, by yourself and from the driver's seat of your vehicle.

A SavvyLevel


  • tell you whether the ramps are large enough to level the van from the beginning.
  • tell you the exact size block ramps to use.
  • allow single person operation & levelling in under a minute.
  • provide a way of saving your preferred level.
  • remember the position of the RV in 3D space and therefore CAN level you to the exact preferred position exactly the same every time.

Does NOT:

  • place a person in a hazardous position as they attempt to read it around a moving vehicle. With SavvyLevel NO ONE need be around a moving vehicle as you level from the convenience of your car!
  • require someone going back & forth to direct the changes in motion.

In a Nut Shell...


SavvyLevel - intelligent, quick, precise levelling (REAL quality) for all caravans, campers, motor homes and 4WD's. - the end of the partner fuelled spirit levelling nightmare!

6cm by 6cm  Hardware Device

The small (6 by 6cm) SavvyLevel device is fitted into your caravan or other RV;you can then remotely monitor and set your level using an app (on your smart phone or tablet) wirelessly (no phone network required).

Created from the finest materials available.

Latest News

The original SavvyLevel was so popular that we SOLD out very quickly. All customers who have SavvyLevel say they would NEVER go back to the old fashioned way!

Now the next generation

SavvyLevel is out. The SavvyLevel PLUS comes with TRC technology. Ask your dealer for SavvyLevel!

Why Choose us?

Australian Designed and Made
High quality at GREAT value
Full Support
Prompt and clear support

Full documentation
SavvyLevel is made from the finest materials
STS - makers of SavvyLevel are a family company & we are very passionate about our products


Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd - Creators, Designers & Manufacturers Of SavvyLevel || Finalists In 4 Business Categories: 2018 and 2019

1. Emerging Exporters

2. Manufacturing and advanced materials

3. E Commerce

4. Small Business

5. Innovation and Technology

Quality Australian Service

Australian Made.

Australian Manufactured.

Australian Hel​p Desk.


SavvyLevel is made in Australia using quality Australian components. We have created SavvyLevel with the environment in mind. Our factory is friendly to the environment and our staff are passionate.

Quality Australian Made

 Quality Australian Made from conception to YOU!

The SavvyLevel system is fully Australian Made, apps are continuosly upgraded for free, with full product support, and designed for DIY installation. 


The SavvyLevel system has been made to the highest quality - we want to get the confidence back in "tech".

The cost, for a fully Australian Made (not bought overseas, then sold at a huge mark up to the Australian public) - is two tanks of fuel and a pizza - that's it!

 SavvyLevel PLUS NOW with TRC technology

TRC technology is crucial for electronic levellers as this gives the electronic level advanced temperature stability, otherwise, without TRC - the electronic leveller would be subject to changes in temperature causing incorrect readings. TRC technology allows for overall precision enhancement - better than 0.1 of a degree in temperature ranging from a brutal -30  to a blistering 85 degrees Celsius. 

Internal or External Mounting

The SavvyLevel can be mounted either internally (hidden in a cupbard for instance) - upside down or right way up - or externally on the A frame (with our specialised IP68 rated ASA box) for ease of mounting and good signal to you in the car.

Luran® S 778 T

IP68, Enhanced Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA)

Enhanced toughness and resistance to heat distortion, UV stabilised – for external use within the automotive industry.

The SavvyLevel App

The SavvyLevel app is free to download from iTunes and Google Play with NO advertising and all app upgrades and updates are FREE to YOU. The SavvyLevel device can be purchased from or a leading supplier.

SavvyLevel is So Popular = Award Finalists


ACT Chief Ministers Awards 2018/2019

Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd - Creators, Designers & Manufacturers Of SavvyLevel || Finalists In 4 Business Categories For The Chief Ministers Prestige Awards:

1. Emerging Exporters

2. Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

3. E Commerce

4. Small Business

5. Innovation and Technology


What our customers are saying

Great idea for those of us who do a majority of our caravanning on weekends and don't want to do ANY extra work this is it!

We roll into camp in the dark at 7:30pm on a Friday night with 3 angry kids and always trying to reduce the stress at set up time. The quicker we are set up, the quicker we are having dinner and a beer by the fireside. I'm excited!

Sam Taylor

Why Choose Us?

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Our SavvyLevel is​

Packed with the latest technology.

Simple to use.

With full product support.

Australian designed and built.


The SavvyLevel app is absolutely free with NO ‘in-app’ advertising

The Hardware device has been made as cost effective as possible being made in Australia.

What our customers are saying

They are so accurate. We are travelling up to Longreach free camping most of the way. Use SavvyLevel every time we stop. Very easy to use. No more hassles.

Pam Langford, Victoria