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Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd P.O. Box 6130, Conder, 2906, ACT, AUSTRALIA (0​2) 6100 7747


Know your RV Battery Voltage at ALL Times with SavvyLevel PLUS

Safety FIRST for all RVers!

No Danger with SavvyLevel as you level from the CAR!

Did you know that it is DANGEROUS to stand between 2 moving vehicles whilst observing a Spirit Level?

Not to worry, SavvyLevel allows you to level your RV from the convenience of your car, by yourself, in under a minute with EASE!


Did You Know:

SavvyLevel PLUS now offers the user remote and immediate information about the voltage of the RV battery at any time. Very convenient feature when wanting to remotely know if the battery is charging or the state of charge before a big trip.

SavvyLevel PLUS also shows the height correctional level in mm/inches and degrees.

SavvyLevel Takes The Stress Out Of Levelling + MUCH MORE...

The Benefits Of SavvyLevel

  • It's Fast
  • X10 Magnification mode for clear display
  • Know your battery voltage at any time
  • Repeatability every time
  • Level by yourself
  • Level to your own individual level
  • Know the level you are out in mm, inches and degrees for easy level correction
  • No going back & forward in and out of the car
  • Sleep heads up every time
  • Healthy sleep, no facial swelling or headache
  • Level from the car - great if it's raining
  • Know if the ramps will suit before you begin
  • Water drains properly every time
  • Fridge working at optimum for fresh cold food
  • Shows your personalised level of the entire van
  • No arguments at level time
  • No stress 
  • No more earthworks to get level
  • Eliminates the risk of having loved ones close to a moving vehicle

Sleeping Slightly Head Down = Facial Swelling & Headache

Did You Know:

Sleeping With Your Head Slightly Down Can Cause Facial Swelling When You Wake And Headaches.

SavvyLevel Makes Sure You Sleep Right Every Time

SavvyLevel Memory = Best Sleeping Position Reliably Every Time

Level Fridge = Safe Food + Cold Beer

Did You Know:

It is a manufacturers requirement for your fridge to work properly, it needs to be level. 

If you are in the desert, you need to rely that your fridge is keeping your food at optimum temperature. You do NOT want food poisoning!

SavvyLevel Ensures Your Fridge Works Properly Every Time!

Level Quickly if it's Raining