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SavvyLevel PLUS


What is Savvylevel?

Intelligent Level​ling

SavvyLevel: the Future of Levelling

Now with Intelligent Remote Battery Voltage Display

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Official 'Australian Made' Licensee ID: 10301

SavvyLevel PLUS

Now with TRC Technology

A High Precision Levelling System for Caravans, Camper Trailers & Motorhomes (All RV's)

STS responsible trader Number E5944

What Our Customers Say...

From the performance specification as well as the component and construction quality, it is easy to appreciate the quality of the SavvyLevel - a precision-engineered product. The availability of on-going professional support and the assurance of a genuine Australian design add to the satisfaction of ownership. The simple installation and intuitive set-up procedures ensured that my Savvy Level Plus was quickly operational on both Android and iPhone platforms. The ability to precisely monitor the level of the caravan from the driver’s position in the tow-vehicle is a truly valued asset when positioning the caravan on-site. Thanks Savvy Technical Solutions for a top-quality, innovative product.

Alan, Professional Engineer, Lara, Victoria, Australia.

Why SavvyLevel is So Popular. If you have an RV you NEED a SavvyLevel!

Caravanning Just Got a Whole Lot EASIER!

If you have any RV - you should have a SavvyLevel

Matt From Everything Caravan & Camping

SavvyLevel - the well loved Aussie device for ALL RV's!

SavvyLevel PLUS 

  • Now showing correctional level in mm/inches and degrees.
  • Know that it is possible to achieve level using your slope or block ramps. This is possible as you know the EXACT required correctional height in the pitch and tilt!

  • Continuously reports the battery voltage from where the SavvyLevel is connected. 
  • Remotely know the charge state of your battery at any time!
  • TRC technology allows overall precision enhancement - better than 0.1 of a degree in temperatures ranging from a brutal -30 to a blistering 85 degrees Celsius.

Why Spirit Levels Are


Note the Above 'Bubble" Level Showing Different Bubble Position​s Whilst Next to Each Other!


Why Stand Alone Phone Apps DON'T work?

A mobile phone app is NOT a leveller. It relies on mobile phone accelerometers that can't do the job!


Why is SavvyLevel the


It's simple. It's precise. It's repeatable every time. It's quick.

It's NO FUSS!